Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy reading through some of the questions visitors of the
Americas Walk of Stars ask us everyday.

Q: Where exactly is the Americas Walk of Stars?
Yes: 69460 Vista Montana Ct.
Cathedral City , CA 92234

If you want to experience the
Americas Walk of Stars ,

Q: How can I nominate someone for a Americas Walk of Stars?
A: anyone can nominate someone and start a campaign raising funds for anyone.

Q: Who can do the nominating?
A: Anyone, including a fan, friend or family members or star recipient, can nominate as long as the person or his/her management is in agreement with the nomination. If there is no letter of agreement included from the person or his/her representative, the committee will not accept the application.

Q: Who pays for the star?

Whoever submits the application usually sponsors the star. That can be the person or family or friends , their company, a fan, etc.
Q: How much does the star cost ?
Being selected to the
Americas Walk of Stars is an honor. Once selected, the donation required is $15,000 and it goes towards the cost of manufacturing and installation plus promotions. For each star $500 will be donated to St.Jude Children’s research hospital

Q: Can someone who is deceased be nominated?
A: Yes. posthumous will be awards assuming they are paid for sponsors.

Q: Can someone who is deceased be nominated for a star immediately?
A: Yes

Q: Is there waiting period after someone died ?
A: No. There is no waiting period after death.

Q: Can I nominate someone who doesn't fit in any of the five categories?

A: Yes. The categories do change and the nominee does not have to have entertainment background to be nominated .

Q: How long after someone has been nominated will the installation take place?

A: The recipient has up to two years to schedule their installation If it is not done within the two-year period, it will expire and an application must be resubmitted.

Q: How often are stars voted in?

A: Stars are voted monthly. An average of 20-24 stars are selected per year.

Q: If a nominee isn't selected during the voting process, do I have to re-submit the application for the following year?

A: The application is effective for two years. If, after two years, the nominee is still not selected, the applicant can file a new application or send a letter requesting that the application be reinstated. Updates on the recipients are accepted and included in their file.

Q: When does the Committee meet?

A: The Committee meets monthly.

Q: How can I find out if someone has a star on the Americas Walk of Stars?

A: You can find star locations on the Americas Walk of Stars Directory on this website.

Q: How many nominations are submitted each year?

A: The committee receives an average of two hundred applications a year.

Q: Who maintains Americas Walk of Stars?

  1. Americas Walk of Stars is installed on your own property . As the home owner you are responsible for the condition of the Americas Walk of Stars. 

Q: What are the stars made of?
A: Red Indian Granite